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Palm V - Cover Fix
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Palm V - Cover Fix

I have read many issues concerning the Palm V cover causing the scroll button to be pressed.  Here is how I solved the problem.

I glued a piece of a rubber "O-Ring" onto the leather case so that it was located above the scroll button when the case was closed.  Hence, the cover could no longer press the button.  The procedure:

WARNING: If done properly, the O-Ring is permanently attached.  Trying to remove it could really mess up your leather cover.  All the feedback is that this fix really works well.   One person had problems with the O-Ring hitting the scroll button. He then tried to remove the O-Ring; this did not go so well.  Make sure to place it high enough.  

Cut2.jpg (16356 bytes)
Go to the hardware store and purchase a small rubber O-Ring (1/2' dia x 1/16" thick).  It should be slightly thicker than the height of the scroll button on your Palm V.


CutO-Ring.jpg (6831 bytes)
Cut the rubber "O-Ring" into a third (you should have a nice small rubber arc).


Glue.jpg (7641 bytes)
Put a few small drops (or a thin line) of super glue on the O-Ring (glue is shown in yellow)


Place.jpg (19199 bytes)
Using a tweezers place it just above the scroll button with the GLUE UP.

Be very careful that no glue is touching the Palm


Place2.jpg (16336 bytes)

Carefully close the cover and hold for 15 seconds. 

NOTE: Make sure the O-Ring is above the button as shown in the picture.  Some people have put it too low, causing it to hit the scroll button when the cover is closed.

Finshed.jpg (19202 bytes)

It really works great.

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